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Monday Morsels 4.28.14

Monday Morsels 4.28.14


I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday over the weekend for a change.  It seems like it’s been ages since that’s happened; over the last couple of years, everyone’s birthdays fell during the weekday rut.  We spent them driving to this practice or that small group, finagling dinners around after-school jobs, trying hard to make the birthday happen, instead of just letting it be.  With only one left in the house, and my big day on the weekend, it was very relaxed and spontaneous.  And those flowers above?  The gorgeous flowers?  From my lovely daughter, from a fantastic online flower store!

While my birthday was nice, part of me wishes all my kids were around and life was at its most chaotic again.  I can remember when my children were all still taking naps every afternoon, and I was exhausted all the time.  Well-meaning women whose own offspring were either out of the house or on the brink would tell me all the time to “enjoy this time with your babies.  They grow up and leave in the blink of an eye.”  That would frustrate me to no end, because I just thought they didn’t remember how consuming toddlers were.

Now I know better.

Not only do I remember it, but I find myself becoming one of those women.  Oh, I haven’t quite said those words to any young moms just yet, but I think those thoughts.  All. the. time.

It’s no secret that after years of being “just a mom,” and a stay-at-home homeschooling mom to boot, I’m struggling with the imminent change of being an empty nester.  If there are other women out there who’ve dealt with this successfully, let me know your secret!  I mean, I’m sure most women whose children are grown and gone have handled it well, because one only has to look at over half the population to see it can be done.  I think that like any major life change – leaving for college, getting married, moving out of state, buying a house, having babies, etc… – the unknown is scarier than the known.

I’m learning though, that while I would prefer the known, God dwells gloriously in the unknown.  He’s gracious enough, however, to give me little glimpses into the unknowable every now and again.  Actually, if I pay close enough attention, I can learn quite a lot about Him.  The trouble is, I usually am so wrapped up in my world, I don’t realize it’s His world I’m living in!

Enough rambling…  Here are some things that caught my attention this past week:


Everything old is new when it comes to TV…  using an antenna to receive free TV over the internet…

I found the most amazing kitchen store in Savannah, GA last weekend, and they’re online!

We’re so dependent on our electronics. What happens if we have an EMP?

Great story about turning your life around

If you’re as obsessed with Disney’s Frozen, specifically, “Let It Go”, you’ll love this!

Creamsicle truffles!

These weight loss tips for women over 40 actually seem sane

Simple DIY bead necklace

I’m a sucker for anything nautical

I love H&M, so I’m looking forward to this new British clothing store

Best of the Cambridge’s Tour Down Under

This new boarding pass design needs to happen

Book Tower House – amazing!

Did Chobani steal their recipe from Fage?

Patty Hearst and brainwashing on a mass scale

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Monday Morsels 8.4.14

Monday Morsels 8.4.14

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