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Monday Morsels 7.30.14

Monday Morsels 7.30.14

This weekend was sort of a lazy weekend.  Instead of spending my time outside in the hot sun, I started to take apart our homeschool schoolroom.  More on that later.  But it meant that I took the first of many boxes of books to a wonderful used book store we have here in Tennessee – McKay Books.


If only they went beyond this state!  In the past few years they have expanded to Chattanooga and Nashville from Knoxville, so I’m hoping that eventually, they’ll make it to Atlanta, where we’ll be moving.

McKay’s isn’t your typical used book store.  As they state on their website, it’s a “one-of-a-kind shopping experience.”  It isn’t some bush-league storefront full of Harlequin romance novels.  No, this place is like a Costco for used books, movies, video games, CD’s, and even vintage record albums.

The store takes books, etc.. in trade, then issues you either cash, which is typically 25% of the value of the item when it was new (depending on the condition), or 50% in store credit.  For homeschooling purposes, this was an incredible plus.  Each year I would “buy” age appropriate classic literature, and then turn it in the following year for next year’s literature.  And then some.  I usually gave my kids cart blanche to go pick out about ten to fifteen dollars worth of fun reading for the year, which usually meant somewhere along the lines of ten to twenty books, depending on their reading level.  Sometimes they don’t take everything that’s brought in, but if you would like you can donate it to the free book bin, which is just outside the front door.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  But often, I’ve found some interesting reading in the bin, and even some great textbooks that I’ve used for school.


Not a problem for the people that shop at McKay’s!!!

My husband found this place when he was transferred here and before the rest of us moved to TN.  But I think he wishes he hadn’t. Because if there is any retail store on the face of the earth where I can lay down some serious moola, it will always be a bookstore.

So it’s a good thing that at McKay’s Books I can turn in old books to “pay” for my new ones.  Otherwise, I think he might just leave me…  😉

Here’s what I read this week before I bought a whole bunch of new books that I’ll be reading in the near future….

PS.  If you’re ever in Knoxville, and looking for local flavor, go to McKay’s!  And have a great week everyone!

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