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Monday Morsels 8.4.14

Monday Morsels 8.4.14

Today is my husband’s birthday!  I robbed the cradle because he’s younger than me  – 3 years – which felt like a huge difference 27 years ago; today, not so much.  I’m spending the day with him in Atlanta, where’s he’s working this week, and where we’ll be moving once our house sells.  When I graduated from Florida State, oh, so many years ago, I actually interviewed for jobs in Atlanta, and my bestie from college lives here, so it kind of feels like home already, because I know where I’m going when I drive around!

Have you ever noticed that some places are like that?  You spend enough time in a place, even though you’ve never lived there, that it just feels… familiar.  Atlanta is like that for me.   Nashville.  Cincinnati.  Savannah.  Even to a degree Miami/Ft. Lauderdale or NYC.  I tend to feel that if I can find my way around easily, it’s part of my wider circle of living experience.  I don’t need to know where each and every street goes, I just need a general sense of direction that I’m heading the right – or wrong! – way.

I’ve heard stories since I was a little girl of my grandfather’s notoriously poor sense of direction.  Once apparently, he even got lost getting out of his own hometown!  Although I can partially attribute my love of reading to him, I fortunately didn’t get the lack of direction thing! I’m pretty good with directions and rarely rely on my phone’s GPS.  Which brings me back to my husband, God love him, who absolutely reveres his GPS…. He can’t get around without it.  I, on the other hand, think learning by getting lost is the best way to find yourself.  (That should be a metaphor for life somehow…).

But here’s actual proof that

a)  Sense of direction is innate and 

b) Relying on GPS can actually mess up your innate sense of direction and

c) Here’s what else I discovered this past week:

Readers are the best people to fall in love with

Drugstore finds that work just as well as department store brands

One bowl pasta and sauce

Oooooh…. homemade ice cream cones!

And this will make you smile….

Long-running Grant Study from Harvard tracks what makes us happy & healthy

Amusing modern-day (R-rated) comic book of Jane Austen’s P & P

Someone did a study (REALLY!) and now they know that relationships, not things, is what matters

How to talk to your daughter about her body

Beautiful photography of Australian country

What do you desire that God’s not “giving” you?  Fabulous reminder about Hannah 

Scientists make see-through mice in order to better study anatomy – Warning!!!  Not for the faint of heart!

10 toxic relationships to avoid

Daily schedule of successful people

Coffee and banana together just sounds so…. blech, but I finally tried this Banofee Pie, and oh, my Heavens!

Great guest post by the daughter of a friend about the work of getting beyond the scary stuff




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