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Monday Morsels 8.11.14

Monday Morsels 8.11.14


Since I’m not homeschooling again this year, and we haven’t sold our house yet, AND we’ve had a spate of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more, I’ve been slacking a little with my blogging.  Instead, (and it happens every 5 or so years) I’m on a furniture refinishing kick.  Tables that have been weathered sitting outside on the porches, chairs that have been hit by the vacuum cleaner too many times to count, and antiques that were my grandmother’s, but are stained a color that doesn’t fit with my decorating tastes – these have all fallen victim to my desire to refinish them while the weather allows.  I don’t know about you, but we’ve had the AC off, and the windows open all summer more than I can ever remember.  It’s very very conducive to being outside with paint remover and sanders.

Anyway, I do have several posts that I’ve started; I just haven’t finished them.  That’s the beauty of summer, isn’t it?  Letting schedules and “to-do” lists, and routines fly out the window while you take care of things you’ve put off for ever so long.

Instead, you play.  Like I’ve been playing with a new app on my phone.  I’m kind of freakish about fonts and such.  I… ahem…. love them, putting it mildly.  I probably have more fonts on my computer than most, but the fact is, I actually use them, so it’s okay.  Really.

Once upon a time, I even paid $5-ish to have my handwriting turned into a font for my personal use.  It wouldn’t work on my OS, but it was just $5, so, no harm no foul.  But the other day, I discovered this amazing app that I can use on my smartphone, wherein I can make my own apps, and then download them as a .ttf (True Type Font) on my computer, phone, iPad etc…  Needless to say, I’ve been making fonts in my spare time.  My handwriting has finally been turned into a font that I can use on my computer, which I love, love LOVE!  It’s called InstaFontMaker, and you can find it on Google’s Play store.  Here’s a link to a font I made.  When I was in high school and college, and copiously took notes in my classes, I would often highlight certain important words or phrases by doodling or emphasizing my handwriting.  If I could go back in time, I’m certain I could find notebooks full of writing that looks exactly like this.  And yeah, I also made the font in the picture above!

But here’s what I’ve been wasting my time on when I haven’t been wasting my time refinishing furniture:

Looking forward to this movie about Stephen Hawking

I knew it!  Restaurant menu tricks make you spend and eat more!

I love making biscotti and I need to make this one!

I adore this outfit!

Save your photos after you’ve deleted them from your memory card – Hallelujah!

Who knew there were so many varieties of berries?

I keep reading about the health benefits of tumeric.

I grew up in Florida.  My new favorite lotion smells like home and the beach to me.

Homemade Italian Ice

They had me at tzatiki – gyro sliders

I’m a sucker for mint tea and this is just right….

Just bought one of these bracelets for a friend

Interesting article on how to pay off debt

Maybe this perspective is what I needed to give myself permission to rest…



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