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Monday Morsels 9.7.14 – How to Draw a Horse

Monday Morsels 9.7.14 – How to Draw a Horse


It’s been a couple weeks of travel, sleepless nights, interesting news, ER visits, and just… life!  It’s strange (but not really) how we all make plans, but most of the time, those plans don’t pan out.

We plan to conquer the world, but then we find we’re content to raise families.

We plan to be intentional parents, but then the flu bug hits at the same time the heater dies and the cars need new tires, and we’re just tired.  Too tired to be intentional.

We plan lose weight, but habits, time schedules and Food Network work in opposition.

We plan to read the great classics, but slip mindlessly into watching the latest reality show instead.

I’m not saying that there’s anything inherently wrong with planning.  In fact, it’s a great thing to plan.  To be a planner.  I love to plan.  I have lists of lists, and apps for lists.  Lists make me all tingly inside.

It’s just that, often, we don’t necessarily plan with a true goal in mind.  Our endgame is there, but it’s more fuzzy and murky than concrete.  For instance, we plan to read the classics.  Great.  But it’s not necessarily the what as much as it is the how. How am I going to read them:   After dinner?  In the doctor’s office?  In a book group? How do I make room for the books, if I still want to sit on the couch with my family and relax while watching Suits? How many will I read in a month? Year? Who will hold me accountable?

The same goes for losing weight.  Being an intentional spouse, parent, friend, or child.  Writing a blog.  Keep a yard or house maintained.  Studying for school.  You get the picture.

My sister-in-law (who is fine!!!) didn’t plan for a brain tumor.  Quite the contrary; she was getting ready to travel the world in just a couple months.

But God had other plans.  Because, sometimes, the plans we make aren’t the ones that will bring Him glory, so He turns them on end.  Like the picture at the top of the post, what we envision, and what we’re able to do, is very limited compared to what God can do in our lives.

After coming home from being at the hospital for my sister-in-law’s surgery, my daughter found this very short, very powerful TED talk.  Often, the things that challenge us the most are actually gifts.  I’ve had to re-learn that many times in my life, and I imagine, I’ll need to keep re-learning again and again.  

If you look at nothing else from this post, please click on this link:

The Best Gift….

And, here are the other things I’ve discovered of value this past week or two.  Have a great one, people!  

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My son was/is an Eagle Scout – love this Eagle project!

How Hollywood wants to make you cry

Perfect soft batch chocolate chip cookies, because sometimes you don’t want chewy, cakey or crisp…

Not every pro sports team is all about the bottom line – way to go Cincinnati Bengals!

Why mozzarella is the best cheese for pizza

Most unusual beaches around the world

Contrary to how we perceive it, asking for advice makes you seem smarter

How to reverse a bad memory

Even though summer’s almost over, Eton Mess ice cream still sounds insanely good

Sadly, diagramming sentences is just not taught anymore

I like popcorn jelly beans; I’ll have to try popcorn pudding

This is REALLY living off the grid

Baby red panda twins!

It’s almost fall and time for pumpkin – pumpkin spice breakfast quinoa looks amazing!

I grew up on My Three Sons –  Fred MacMurray’s farmhouse

I LOVE Publix, “where shopping is a pleasure.”  This shows you why

Foam paint for the kids

What a great idea!  A prayer garden!

Homemade coffee-mint soap

Where are you settling in your life?

Thunderstorm Cloud lamp – love it!


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