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Monday Morsels 10.13.14

Monday Morsels 10.13.14
Rakotz Brucke, Germany
Rakotz Brucke, Germany

We’ve had a tentative dip into fall here.  Several days of cool weather, followed by a brief sub-freezing snap, rebounding with a LOT of days of almost summer-like rain and sun.  I’m glad I didn’t put on my flannel sheets just yet.  It’s been kind of nice going to bed at the just-right temperature and then waking up somewhere in the night and having to pull my blankets up.  I don’t know about you, but even though I’m more of a Spring/Summer girl, I’m always happy to turn the AC off, throw open the windows and relish the chilly mornings. Likewise, in Spring, I’m always grateful for opening the windows and letting the house breathe!  For now, I’m finding the happy balance between still wearing my shorts and t-shirts, and reading the news in the morning with a blanket on my lap and a cup of steaming English Breakfast tea in my hand.

Here are some of the most interesting, helpful and delicious finds I saw this past week:

Alton Brown worthy – the science of whipped cream, butter and creme fraiche

Scientifically, expressing your gratitude goes a long way toward your mental health

Write yourself a letter – the perspective will amaze and unburden you

Apple cinnamon pretzel bites with salted caramel dipping sauce

I made this delicious soup in honor of Oktoberfest – Cheddar Beer Bratwurst Chowder

20 minute TED talk on unleashing the happier and more capable you

38 coffee drinks explained

The world’s oldest art discovered

Where you live says a lot about how much time you sleep

Stunning autumn photos

REALLY eye-opening post on our privacy in this instantaneous and vast world of social media sharing. Must read!!!

Found these super crunchy apple chips at Costco and now I’m obsessed

And these Dove Chocolate cherries I found at Sam’s Club (I’m an equal opportunity shopper)

Cute little DIY bowl covers

How to be a contestant on Jeopardy

Practical advice from Norman Vincent Peale on facing problems in your life

Great idea for labeling bakeware so it’s returned to you

Oh my!  Goo Goo Clusters inspired parfaits

I’m still VERY partial to real books.  This science shows why we need to read them

How not to be crazy angry mom (or any kind of crazy angry).  This is a must-see!

This may be the most amusing & precious thing I saw all week – 2nd graders treated to a 7 course $220 meal

Make (and eat) your salads in a mixing bowl


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