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Monday Morsels 10.20.14

Monday Morsels 10.20.14


Last week I relaxed.  Sort of.  That is, I relaxed when I wasn’t lying on the floor of my bathroom with stomach trouble. I had a couple recipe related posts planned, but for almost 5 days food looked, smelled and sounded awful.  On the bright side, I’ll be able to fit comfortably in the vintage dress I’m planning to wear to my nephew’s wedding this week! Always find the bright side if you can.  You may have to look under rocks for it, but it’s got to be there somewhere, right?

Anyway, because of the stomach thing, I didn’t feel like doing much.  Except for cleaning the germs out of the house! I had trouble reading, watching TV, writing, surfing the internet, even sleeping.  It was kind a bust of a week, but every once in a while, I think God allows me to get sick just so I am FORCED to relax.  I’m just a high energy, naturally-wired person; sitting and doing nothing doesn’t come easily to me.

Still, here are a few of the things I did see when my brain wasn’t too fuzzy and weak:

It’s almost (!!!) Christmas time again… here are some free chalkboard Christmas graphics

How the reintroduction of wolves at Yellowstone changed the ecosystem and geography

Love this – easy DIY mercury glass hack for lamps

Decorating trends – this paint color forecast

We just don’t like braggarts

How to print on fabric for gift ideas or gift wrap

Be the most productive person in the office (Hint: schedule everything)

Since one of my sons is obsessed with sprinkles, I’ll be making and sending these cookies for him soon…

Dream pantry off the kitchen!

I’m a list-maker.  Interesting lists from famous people

This Morrocan Pot Roast speaks to me.  It says “make me soon!”  🙂

I think every female over the age of 12 needs one of these mirrors because we’re just so hard on ourselves.

A better way to introduce friends and acquaintances at parties!!!

Because I can’t get enough butternut squash in my life (as you’ll see soon) here’s a Mexican Butternut Soup recipe

Just made these Paleo Pumpkin Muffins and they were moist, delicious and healthy!

Thai Red Curry Pumpkin Hummus – YUM!

When I was growing up, my dad always reminded me to stand straight – check how your posture might be harming your health

Doodler turns Starbucks mermaid on their cups into other characters – love the Beatles Abbey Road one!

Coffee is usually just a treat for me; I don’t need it the way others seem to (maybe because I’m naturally-wired?). Science proves it makes introverts less efficient.







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