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Monday Morsels 10.27.14

Monday Morsels 10.27.14
Chicago Skyline from the Adler Planetarium at dawn

This past weekend we were in Chicago for my nephew’s wedding.  I lived outside Chicago for a year or so when I was growing up, so it’s always fun to go back and see how things have changed.  And boy, have they changed!  Yet somehow, there’s a lot that’s the same, and I mean that in a good way.  It’s always comforting to know that there are some places that will always look familiar and you can still find your way around.  For instance, my parents used to take me to Gino’s East Pizzeria down by the old Water Tower, and walking there, despite Michigan Ave. having become a mega-shopping mecca, seeing what used to be the John Hancock building, I still somehow felt like I “belonged,” even though it had been years and years since I lived there.

The nighttime view from our hotel
After my sunrise run, I practically had the whole “bean” in Millenium Park to myself!

Comfort is also family…  It was wonderful to be a part of the celebration for my nephew and his new bride.  I continue to be in awe that family continually evolves to include more people.  The bride is a gregarious, smart, fun, kind, big-hearted person who kept telling us how honored she felt that we would drive all that way, and how nice it is to add another aunt, uncle and cousin to her extended family.  Likewise, we so enjoyed meeting all of her family and friends and making connections with them.

Mazel Tov & God Bless!

We made a trip of it, and stopped to visit the Bowling Green Corvette Plant, where my daughter started the ignition on one of the Corvettes as it came off the assembly line.  Even our tour guide was impressed because in his year of leading tours, he’s only ever seen it happen once before!  I guess it helps to be young and have long, luxurious curly hair!  😉  Because our daughter has a thing for caves, we also took a tour of Mammoth Cave, where our guide, Jerry, whose family has a long history in the area, led our group of 119 in a few stanzas of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot in the Church Room.  I tell you, it gave me goose bumps to sing a spiritual song, led by the great-great-grandson of a former slave in that room…  Just an amazing experience.

The “Bottomless Pit” at Mammoth Cave

This whole weekend was crazy wonderful, but we did have some down time, and here’s what I looked at and bookmarked:

While looking for a prayer list app, I found Instapray, which connects you with others to share your prayers

Spinach and feta is one of my favorite food combinations, so this spinach-feta mashed cauliflower looks amazing!

I love old-fashioned names… 14 vintage baby girl names

I’ve slowly been changing my position on whether everyone needs college after high school.  Here’s an article that articulates some of my concerns

We ate in The French Market in downtown Chicago, and I loved everything I had at RAW

Everyone should have a good beef, chicken, and vegetable stock recipe

Get free or inexpensive books to read on your tablet or smartphone

Genius!  Waffle iron churros

Hopefully medicine can build on this – surgery helps paralyzed man walk

We make better decisions on an empty stomach.  One more reason to watch what – and how much – we eat!

Since the holidays are upon us, here are ideas for table decorations

What a terrific idea – use egg shells to start your seedlings

This angers me – woman defaces national parks with her own art, then brags about it

Garlic confit – for when you need just a touch of garlic flavor, and you don’t want it to be overwhelming

Since weeding is never fun, why not incorporate plants into the steps in your yard?

I would love to sleep in a castle some day…

While we were gone, an infestation of ladybugs (actually Asian Lady Beetles) returned. UGH!  I’m going to have to try a few of these tips to get rid of them

Ricotta crostini – 3 delicious recipes

Photos of 3 year old Willow’s costumes has gone viral.  So adorable, you’ll see why…

If you ever make homemade ice cream, this looks like the perfect container to store it

OK Go has some of the most inventive videos I’ve ever seen.  Here’s their newest one, which is very Busby Berkeley-esque!

Science shows that practicing writing makes you a better writer.  Who knew?

Love this idea of putting myself on the Pride Board

40+ great kitchen tips and tricks from Iowa Girl Eats

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese sounds perfect for a tailgate party!

Speaking of crockpots, if you’ve never used a crockpot liner…. RUN to buy some now!!!

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