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Monday Morsels 11.10.14



It kind of got cold and winter-like all of a sudden, didn’t it? We even had some snow flurries in the past couple of days. Being a lover of warmer weather, this Polar Vortex thing has become a term I don’t like the weather forecasters to forecast!   I don’t think I ever heard of a Polar Vortex until just a year or two ago.  Now, like El Niño, it’s a part of our lexicon.  Which makes me think of all the things my kids know at their young and tender age that I didn’t know when I was their same age.

Think about it:  there were few cooking shows on when I was growing up, but my children grew up watching the Food Network so they know what the terms deglaze, mise en place, bouquet garni, chiffonade or mirepoix mean.  I didn’t learn those things until I was married and received a subscription to Bon Appétit magazine.  The generations after mine grew up with the Internet and a plethora of TV shows and movies that taught them infinitely more in one day that I might have learned in a month.  Crocodile Hunter and Going Wild with Jeff Corwin, etc… taught them about animals.  The History  & Discovery channels showed them history, pop culture, geography and science like never before, TLC, DIY & HGTV taught them how to decorate, build and then flip a house.  YouTube helped them learn how to play the piano, tie a bow tie, or change a tire.

I mean, mind blown!  Just the sheer volume of stuff they know because we live in the information age makes me feel like I’ll never catch up to them.  Even with my vast amount of experience – HA! – I think they already know they’re much much smarter than me!  Still, in my relentless quest to not be left out of the hunt for knowledge, I scoured the world wide web this week, and here’s what I found:

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