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Monday Mondays 11.17.14 – Thanksgiving Edition


thanksgiving_definitionWhen I was a wee one, Thanksgiving was the holiday to celebrate on my dad’s side of the family. The holiday was an all-day affair, and there were tables full of family members, young and old, in mmultiple rooms.  Usually more than 50 people showed up for these gatherings.

One image that sticks with me (because there are photos, kept for posterity in order to humiliate me, I’m sure) is getting my haired curled. Getting my hair to curl is about as easy to do as getting my daughter to throw her clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor.  Just sayin’….  Giant whopper curlers, and me sitting on several phone books under one of those bucket shaped salon style dryers, hating every minute of it.

But it was all worth it once the festivities began.  Time spent running around with cousins, eating food that seemed “grown up” somehow, exploring attics and basements and backyards with unlimited hiding places… it was definitely a day where thanks abounded.

I know that Thanksgiving isn’t until next week, but it’s always good to start thinking ahead and preparing.  Plus, it’s always a good thing to say thank you.  So… thank you for taking your time to spend a little time at Swallows from my Kitchen Window. Blessings!


tryptophan induced nap after the big meal, circa 1960's
tryptophan induced nap after the big meal, circa 1960’s




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