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Month: <span>December 2014</span>

Hugs are All They’re Cracked Up to Be

  “Good thing I’m an only child.” I say that to myself a lot. Especially when I have to face some things alone. But the truth is… often, things are better when they’re shared. Right now, I’m exhausted and a tangle of emotions, and my […]

Monday Mondays 12.15.2014

I think I’ve been dreading this week for almost as long as I’ve been a mother. The day my last baby leaves the house and sets off on the beginning of a life independent of us, well… it’s finally upon me.  My youngest sails off […]

Deadlines and Doubt

  I don’t know about you, but when I’m faced with a deadline, be it imaginary (which I am prone to having) or an actual date on the calendar, I start to question everything. Am I working on the right thing? Will it get done […]

Monday Mondays 12.8.2014

  This week, I’m almost looking forward to it being Monday!  I’ve had such a hectic few days with so many things that needed to be done by Saturday that Monday will actually seem tame in comparison.  So what if it does mean I need […]

Faux Famous Coffee House Mocha Frappucinos

Since I was around 11 years old, I’ve liked to cook, bake, eat, read cookbooks, and just about anything that has something to do with the creation of food. One of my character flaws – or maybe it’s a strength, but mostly my family thinks […]

God may not laugh at our plans, but He sure must be amused!

Yesterday started out with a plan. A capitalized, emphatic P-L-A-N.  The kind of plan with a list organized with sub-lists. I had it all mapped out: finish Christmas decorations, start wrapping presents, make a couple dozen cookies so my son will have a bit of home for […]

Monday Mondays 12.1.14

  Earlier in the week, we had some weather that got unbelievably cold unbelievably fast.  The picture above are some frost flowers that formed on one of the foothill mountains nearby.  Until last year, I’d never heard of them, but aren’t they amazing!?!  God never […]