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Monday Mondays 12.8.2014



This week, I’m almost looking forward to it being Monday!  I’ve had such a hectic few days with so many things that needed to be done by Saturday that Monday will actually seem tame in comparison.  So what if it does mean I need to change my sheets, do laundry & pay some bills?  I can practically do those things in my sleep!  Come to think of it, I may be somewhat sleep deprived, so technically, I might be faking awake-ness as I do them….

I’m a light sleeper, and genetically, I’m able to get by on less than 8 hours of sleep, but at some point, it all starts to catch up with me.  Even though I’ve never been able to nap (OH, how I just wish I could!!!) I purposefully try to make my Sundays days of rest.  In some respects, doing restful things is almost of as much value to me as actually sleeping. Does that even make sense? There’s just something about my mind working, but not having to grind through a litany of “to-do’s” that gives me a peace and readiness for the week ahead.

Here are some things to teach you, encourage you and bless you:



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