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Monday Mondays 1.12.15


This past week, I passed the time reading.  And reading.  And reading.  I love to read, but even I can find it somewhat tedious if it’s something I feel I have to do.  I may have referenced the stack of magazines I had hidden (shamefully) under my bed.  Well, the photo above was it.  I was able to fit them all into a box that measured 14″ x 27″.  And it is out of the house!  And I feel good!  Each and every one of those magazines was a weight on my shoulders.  Maybe it’s something about my frugality, but each of those magazines was paid for, so I felt like they needed to be read.  Just like throwing away good food that’s gone bad makes me feel so wasteful, the same goes for magazines.

Anyway, I carried this tremendously heavy box into the library the other day and the librarians took one look at me, sighed and rolled their collective eyes.

“Why can’t she bring them in a few at a time?”

“It’s going to take us too much time to organize them.”

“I almost just wish she’d throw them away.”

Although I can’t prove it, I’m pretty sure these were the thoughts they were thinking.  Our library kindly accepts gently read magazines that they then sell for .25¢ apiece, thereby allowing the library to purchase more books or whatever.  And I like to donate my gently used shoved under the bed and covered with weeks worth of dust magazines because:

a. I like to feel I’m giving to the greater civic good by donating them to the library, thereby allowing them to make a profit of maybe $2.10 every 4 months off my leftovers.

b. If I threw them away after I read them (in one fell swoop), anyone who takes out the garbage at our house would also have to make an appointment with the chiropractor for several back adjustments.  So, in a weird way, it’s cheaper to give them to the library than to throw them away.

c. There are enough individuals in our area that wear their pajamas to Wal-mart, and heck, everywhere, that surely I’m doing the community a favor by sharing my old In Style magazines.  Maybe one of the pj’s-loving crowd will see that it is NOT acceptable to wear your bedclothes out in public.  Well, one can hope.

While I mostly read magazines, I did make a little time to surf the virtual library that is the internet, and as always on Mondays, here are the highlights for you.  Avoir une bon semaine!  (Have a good week!)


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