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Monday Mondays 1.26.15

I heard someone mention the other day that all babies born these days have their entire lives chronicled digitally.  No more – or very few – hard copies of photographs are made anymore, rather, there are Tweets, Facebook statuses, Vine videos, and over thousands of iPhone photos capturing more moments in one week than most past generations of babies had in their first year!

Both of my sons celebrate birthdays this week and I still have a couple boxes of photos of them under my bed. Photos I’ve been meaning to put into scrapbooks for them for oh, twenty-something-ish years now.  I do have many photos of them in those old-fashioned photo books where you slid one photo into a plastic sleeve, but it’s been so long since I’ve looked at them that I’m not even sure that they haven’t actually melted into the plastic sleeves!

I get the need or desire to take a gazillion pictures of babies, kids, weddings, etc… and post them digitally, but I wonder… do we have to remember everything?  I mean, the handful (literally) of photos I have of myself from under the age of 5 isn’t overwhelming.  I have just enough to know what cute hair and rosy-cheeked smiles I had, but not so many that I know the entire extent of my wardrobe, which, was probably all of 10 outfits, including footie pajamas.  If I were a new parent I’d probably be taking a bunch of pictures all the time too.  I mean, I take enough pictures of just regular life – snow, dogs, cat, food, biscuits I just learned how to make – to send to family and friends via text messages that I’m fairly certain I’d be posting 24 pictures a day of my newborn.

On the other hand, I’m also pretty positive that my oldest son is quite happy, thank you,  that not everyone in my entire circle has seen the umpteen pictures I took of him as a 4 year old with the uber popular bowl-cut in the early 90’s!  Sometimes, less is more, isn’t it?

Anyway, whether their lives have been documented on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or whatever, I’m grateful for my sons and every day they’ve been alive, I’ve been blessed by them and wish them the Happiest of Birthdays!

Here’s what I bookmarked and more this week:

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