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Monday Mondays 2.2.15


Maybe it’s just the weather, but I want out of here!  Sunny, warm, breezy, blue.  Those are words that just resonate with me lately.  That, and we’ve got plans to do some traveling this year, and well, the planning has made me ready.  I love traveling. Just looking at all the possibilities I’ve come across through the planning has made me anxious to get the party started, so to speak.  And two of my kids are having extraordinary adventures of their own, so I’m sort of feeling like George Bailey stuck in Bedford Falls.  I have my suitcases and grand plans, but yet, here I am. Waiting to go.  Oh, I know that we’ll see these plans through, but I it’s like when, as a kid racing someone and the “announcer” shouting out “Ready, Set. Go!” And your body and mind were twitching in anticipation.

That’s me lately.  Full stop anticipation.  (Um, do you hear Carly Simon singing right about now?)

Not that I want to wish my life away. Truly.  But plans, and the planning and the fruition of the plans are usually just so delightful, aren’t they?

I was reading an article this week on specific German words for unusual kinds of maladies, and this word and definition stood out:


Fernweh is the opposite of homesickness. It is the longing for travel, or getting out there beyond the horizon, what you might call… awaysickness.

Yes!  Sometimes there aren’t words for what we’re feeling.  And then on occasion, you are blessed with finding out there actually is a word; it’s just in a foreign language!  Still… I’ll take it.  But now you know a new (German) word, and have a little insight into my thoughts lately.

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