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Monday Mondays on Tuesday 2.24.15

IMG_2142It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything.  You’d think that because of all the crazy winter weather we’ve experienced lately, preventing us from getting out of the house, I’d have more time to write.  WRONG!  Instead, we’ve been dealing with sickness, burst pipes and no water for a couple days.  And mud, and ice, and extra cold weather.  So when life hasn’t been about fixing the problems associated with those things (Like cleaning up mud off my floor again and again and again.), posting has been the furthest thing from my mind.  But today, my floors are clean, we have running water again, and once again, winter weather is preventing us from getting out of the house.  I have a glut of things saved from the past few weeks, and it’s more than past time to share them.



Of course, nothing we’re living through in East TN is like what the Northeast is going through, but for a die-hard Florida girl like me, it’s more than enough!




Here’s to Spring that can’t come fast enough!



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