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Monday Mondays 3.2.15




Forget Mondays being notorious for their BLAH-ness, with winter hanging on for dear life, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and even Fridays have felt a lot like Mondays lately.  Yes, I know Northerners make fun of us Southerners not being able to handle a single snowflake, but honestly, we’re just not equipped to deal with more than a half inch of snow or ice.  And we’ve had much much more than a half inch these past couple of weeks.  In fact, most school districts in our area haven’t held class since February 13th!  Government offices have been shut down, and well, we’re just a bunch of wimps, aren’t we?

My cat is even shocked at the white stuff.  I tried to get the return photo because honestly, the look of abject horror on her face was hysterical.  I can’t say that I would blame her; if every time I had to run to the restroom I was swallowed up by the snow, I’d probably be appalled too!

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