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Monday Mondays 3.9.15


Did the Daylight Saving Time thing mess you up?  I was okay until about 3:30 Sunday afternoon.  Then it hit me.  I couldn’t wait for it to get dark so I could get into bed.  This despite the fact that it was sunny and Spring-like yesterday.  Oh Spring!  How ready I am for you to arrive!  Once I see Girl Scouts selling their cookies outside Target and Home Depot, and I walk around my house and see little green shoots emerging from their sleep, I know it’s only a matter of days.

Why is it that when it’s nasty weather and mud is tracked everywhere, you kind of hate it, but when the weather is warm enough, you can’t wait to get your hands dirty?

There’s something so perfect about being outdoors in the sunshine again after such long cold gray days, just like there’s something fantastic about  hunkering down inside next to the fire after too many days of hot muggy dusty days?

And why do we always want the greener grass?  Or what we don’t have?  Poor God, how He must just shake His head at our fickle nature, always wanting the opposite of what’s been given to us!  I get it that we need to appreciate the here and now, but wow, it’s hard to do in practice when weather, relationships, finances, health, work, etc… become monotonous and burdensome day to day.  Maybe it’s just my nature, but give me vanilla for too many days and I then want chocolate.  And after too many days of chocolate, vanilla seems more refreshing.  I tell you, it’s a good thing God knows and still loves me despite my changeable nature.  I think He has to be unchangeable, immutable, and constant because we’re not!

Anyway, here are some of the things that caught my attention this week:

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