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Monday Mondays 3.23.15


Some days, some weeks, some hours just seem to be more productive than others, don’t they?  This past week, I was pretty productive, but not necessarily in some of the things that were on “my” list.  Maybe others’ lists, or maybe not, but it seemed that I got a lot done, just not the things I had planned.   What is it Doris Day sang?  “Que sera, sera”?

Are you a good sleeper?  Unfortunately, I’m not.  Don’t get me wrong; I really do love to sleep.  It’s just that my mind is overly productive thinking about the productivity of that day or the next day.  Conversations that were had or need to be had, phone calls to make, which bills to pay so that we can still afford to do or buy ____, the fastest or most efficient route to drive when running errands, what time I need to get ____ out of the freezer so that it will thaw by x o’clock so I can start cooking it… the list that uploads into my head at night is endless.  And when my productivity is skewed away from well, “the plan,” sleep suffers.

It seems like everyone I know, with maybe the exception of my father, falls into the “I can sleep all day” category.  Truly, what’s the secret to shutting off your brain???  I’ve tried melatonin, essential oils, tart cherry juice, honey before bedtime, reading, reading the Bible, turning off the TV an hour before I hit the pillow, taking a bath 2 hours before bedtime, I exercise, I eat well, everything short of getting prescription medicine (which I am loathe to do), and still… I can only manage about 2 or 3 days of more than 6 hours of sleep a night.

I know Martha Stewart says she gets by on that much or less, but really, Martha Stewart has a reputation for being Martha Stewart.  (Not that I don’t love her, it’s just that you have to have that no nonsense attitude when it comes to running such a large business, and I don’t have it.)  Besides, with under 6 hours of sleep, I tend toward the moody or grumpy or less-than-pleasant conversationalist.  And I don’t like being that.  So, if you have any remedies that have helped you achieve that zen state of prolonged sleep, please. PLEASE – do share!


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  • I have restless mind. The night before important or high tension days I tend to see lots of worry dreams and don’t sleep well. Wake up exhausted.
    I was listening to ted talk the other day about emotional discipline.
    We tend to emphasize our physical well being and don’t practice emotional discipline.
    We eat well, we exercise, we brush our teeth every day and take care of our body. We should be same disciplined about our minds and take control over it.
    Practice positive thinking, filter our thoughts etc.
    I guess, the point I am trying to get across is to discipline your.mind. To learn to let go of things when it’s needed .

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