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Monday Mondays 6.1.15

just a smattering of the final product


This week was a sticky week – after only one month of having beehives, we harvested the honey!  I kind of feel like a cheater, in that we bought working hives and didn’t start from scratch, but goodness, it certainly feels great to get just short of 5 GALLONS of honey already!!!  I didn’t necessarily go into beekeeping thinking I’d sell a bunch, only that I’d have enough for our home and to give away as gifts for family and friends, but before we’d even extracted the honey, we had orders to buy it!  And while I probably could use all 5 gallons, it’s nice to let others enjoy it too.  It also was a little humid, but we’ve only had our A/C on for 4 days so far this year – and tomorrow is June!  Maybe what we save on our electric bill, we can get stickers for our honey jars printed!

Look at all the honey in this frame!


filtering the honey





catching leftover bits of wax


I hope you all have a great week ahead.  Here are some of my favorite things from the past week…

the bees are busy re-filling what we took away
the bees are busy re-filling what we took away


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