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Monday Mondays 6.15.15






It seems that summer is here.  While I’m a weirdo in that I actually LIKE the heat,  It’s a great time for nature to show off its stuff.  For instance, our bees are filling up their comb again. So much so that we might be able to harvest another round of honey in the next couple of weeks.  And the swallows I see from my kitchen window are busy growing, eating, and beginning their flying lessons.  Truly, it’s one of my favorite times of the year!  Plant-life lush and colorful, the animal kingdom is busy making the next generation (well, I could do without the baby skunks!), the sky is blue and the breezes warm.  It just makes me grateful to be alive.

I hope that your week is blessed and you can find something to be grateful for as well…  Enjoy your Monday links…

Mama Swallow feeding her babies
Mama Swallow feeding her babies


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