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Month: <span>July 2015</span>

A Letter to my Adult Prodigal

  To my Beloved Child, There are always two sides to every story.  Two perspectives, if you will.  Before you read anything else, know this: I love you. I will always love you. Until the day I die, nothing will change that, and I do […]

Monday Mondays 7.27.15

    And isn’t it easier to be happy than not?  Truly.  Think about it.  When you’re happy, you’re energized, motivated, focused, relaxed and relatively carefree.  When you’re not happy, you’re lethargic, you want to hide, you want to procrastinate, and it’s often hard to […]

Monday Mondays 7.20.15

Life is like a garden, you never know what you’re going to get!  I love my little old man tomato, and the family that came before him (one of his uncles had a big chin!)  It is fun to go out and see each day’s […]

After the Rain

  The other evening we had an unexpected round of violent storms. For most of the day, the local forecasters were saying we’d get some rain, and maybe some lightning and thunder, but even they were caught off-guard by the suddenness and fury of the […]

Monday Mondays 7.12.15

Monday Mondays 7.12.15

  If I were related to Chewbacca, I’d probably look like one of these Mod-Squad type Wookies.  I kind of have a thing for Wookies, specifically the sounds a Wookie makes.  Our dog that passed away in December used to make sounds exactly like Chewbacca. […]

“Are you OK?”

“Are you OK?” When did people stop saying those words to strangers in need? In person, I mean. Even though we didn’t have a date yet, I knew the day would soon come that my Air Force son would be deploying. When he Skype-IM’d me while […]

Easy Homemade Veggie Wash

I kind of live in the boonies.  No, not like the tundra of Alaska or anything, but if I want to get to a “real” shopping/dininng area (as in Target, movie theaters, Old Navy, shoe stores, froyo, Panera, fabric & craft stores, Home Depot, etc…) I […]

Monday Mondays 7.6.15

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!  We’ve gone to the same place to see fireworks for the past 10 years or so, and we thought we’d have to cancel this year because we’ve had nothing but RAIN for the last […]

Hope for Parents of Prodigals

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Despite my misgivings about it, it remains one of the few ways I can keep in touch with friends and family I might not otherwise connect with on a regular basis. To that end, I still log in, […]