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Monday Mondays 7.20.15


Life is like a garden, you never know what you’re going to get!  I love my little old man tomato, and the family that came before him (one of his uncles had a big chin!)  It is fun to go out and see each day’s offerings and sometimes pick oddly shaped vegetables from our garden. Even if my garden doesn’t have something, 9 times out of 10 I can just drive down the road and someone will have their pickup truck pulled over on the side with an overabundance of something their garden produced.

Having a garden is so tricky, at least for me.  Like photography and having to figure out the difference with ISO’s, aperatures, etc… to get the proper light for a photo, gardening varies so much because of the weather.  This year, we’ve had a lot of both rain and sunshine, yet I’m still struggling with growing some things like my tomatoes.  Tomato seasons seem to either be feast or famine, but this year, I have an abundance of them; they just don’t seem to grow to their normal size, or if they do, look like Grandpa Beefsteak above.

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