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Monday Mondays 7.27.15



And isn’t it easier to be happy than not?  Truly.  Think about it.  When you’re happy, you’re energized, motivated, focused, relaxed and relatively carefree.  When you’re not happy, you’re lethargic, you want to hide, you want to procrastinate, and it’s often hard to just get through the day.

I honestly have to work at being happy.  Certainly that’s not the case all the time; sometimes joy rolls in like a giant ocean wave, and sometimes it subtly surrounds me like a gentle spring shower.  But most of the time, it’s a choice I make each and every day.  Like everyone, I have good days and bad days, but the majority of days are somewhere in between, and I’ve found that I need to make a conscious decision to look at the positive to make whatever the day is turning out to be… better.

A few months ago, I started keeping a gratitude journal of 3 things each day that brought me happiness that day. And in almost every way, it’s helped.  I still don’t always default to happy, but I’m more aware of what my mindset is and that I might need to reset it.

Something that’s become a pattern in my journal is that I put a lot of emphasis on something I’ve read or learned.  Reading has always been something I’ve loved, and even though I railed against it like every other red-blooded high schooler, I really did – and do – love to learn.  So when I post these items I’ve discovered the past week or so, I’m doing it just as much for me, as I am for you.  Because finding and sharing these links makes me happy.  Well, happier, at least!

I hope you can find something in them that brings a smile to your day too.





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