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Monday Mondays 8.24.15


Last weekend was our anniversary, and we spent it in Chattanooga (#noogastrong!) because it’s close enough to home, yet still feels like a destination trip.  We’ve stayed in Chattanooga a lot, and never at the same hotel or B & B, and always enjoyed the lodging.  Same goes for restaurants – even though we have our favorites, it seems like there is always a cool new  restaurant to visit, and enough of them that you can never visit them all.  Chattanooga is a very friendly family town, yet still has a fresh vibe to it.  It seems like a big city in some ways, while still retaining a hometown feel.  And, like I always do when we’re traveling, I run around the city. Chattanooga has a lot of bridges and I always try to run over a few of them on my run.  Because it’s still summer, I have to run early (ok, I would anyway…) so I usually am able to see the sun rise, and this is what I saw last weekend.  Soooo pretty!  I had the time to stop and take a picture because our Air Force son, who is on a deployment, Skype-messaged me early (it’s a 7 hour time difference) to run some ideas for his sister’s birthday gift by me. I kept having to stop running, so I was able to get this picture, but when your child is on the other side of the globe and they get in touch, you stop whatever you’re doing!

I hope you have a great week; enjoy your Monday links!




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