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Monday Mondays – Goodbye Summer


What exactly are the dog days of summer?  Are they gone already?  I don’t know about where you live, but fall showed up this past weekend.  As I sit here in my sweat pants, hoodie and a blanket on my lap, I welcome the heat from my laptop on my lap.  Strange, when just two weeks ago, I couldn’t stand it!

Lately, I’ve been weeding through the boxes that contain the memories of the past 20-something years.  Boxes and boxes of photos, and it’s so fun to take that walk down memory lane.  I’ve come across countless pictures of my kids when they were little, but also of nieces and nephews, good friends and family at important life events. And also the every day moments that fill in the gaps.  Those are the most fun pictures.  The ones where my kids’ faces are lacquered in pudding or dirt.  The one where my daughter, who must have been 5, tries ice skating for the first time and fear is the only expression on her face.  The one where my son crawled under the dining room table to take a nap with our dog… And the one where my other son mastered the art of blowing a triple bubble with his bubble gum; a bubble inside a bubble, inside another bubble.  While I love the big family reunion shots, it’s the every day ones that make me smile most.  Like the one above… We once drove to Lexington, KY to visit my husband, where he was filling in at a different office for a couple weeks.  He walked out of the office and this is the shot where he and the kids saw each other for the first time in several days.  I love how happy they were to see him, and how happy he was to see them too.

Little moments…

In perhaps my 200th epiphany of the same thought… it’s the little moments that make a joy-filled life.

If you haven’t yet today – I know it’s early still for some of you – take a breath, look around you, and let your heart be glad for all of the blessings in your life. Be mindful today of each person that you’re grateful for.  Notice the things you normally take for granted.

And then don’t take them for granted.

Live today with purpose and joy, friends! Be blessed!

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