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Monday Mondays 8.15.16


Um, first of all, Happy Anniversary to me!  And my husband, without whom it would not have been possible… 😉  Seriously, life’s been a roller coaster and I couldn’t imagine it without someone who has my back in it all.  When you get married and people tell you that it’s not all going to be hearts and roses forever, you just don’t see it. At least right away. But then the tides of life wash some unexpected tragedy or hardship your way, and you quickly find out what “they” meant.  We’ve certainly had more than our fair share of blessings, but then we’ve had some real adversity along the way too.  All in all, it’s just nice knowing you have someone who has shared all these things with you and still wants to hang out with you.  Still wants to hear your opinions and thoughts. Still thinks you are fun to be with.  Still loves you despite you being very flawed you.  So yeah, Happy Anniversary to US!

And although it’s been a while… here are some things I’ve been accumulating for a few odd weeks.  Enjoy your Monday, y’all!


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