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Monday Mondays 9.19.16


That’s my buddy in the picture above.  Since my dog Ginger died about a year and a half ago, this one – although technically my daughter’s dog, but we all know how that is! – sticks to me like glue.  When Ginger was alive, I was most definitely her alpha dog, and by virtue of pack hierarchy, I’m now this one’s alpha as well.  He’s temperamentally the complete opposite of Ginger; my buddy is slow, gentle, quiet, constant and steady.

Unlike children, I had a favorite dog. When Ginger was alive, she was it.  Maybe it was because she made me hers, and the other dog was my daughter’s, but since Ginger is gone, I’ve learned to really appreciate my buddy’s steadfast character.  Although my husband would say he barks at everything, he really only barks at the 5 dogs next door.  And the dogs across the street. Because, dogs need to communicate with each other, you know?  Pongo & Perdy taught me that and the value of the Midnight Bark way back, when I was 5 or something.

(May I just say that to this day, the Internet and the search engines it spawned, thrill me to no end!  The fact that some of you may be clueless as to who exactly Pongo and Perdita are, but in seconds, I could link that for you, so you could find out yourselves, without a lengthy explanation from me, well, a big Kudos to Al Gore, inventor of the Internet!  😉   I completely believe that if I had had it back when I was a student all those many years ago, I would have been an incredible student.  I already was a pretty good one, but boy – I’d have rocked me some awesome research papers, for sure!)

Anyway, I’ve learned to appreciate all the opposite personality characteristics of this sweet, furry, black dog.  How is it that the things you once saw as “less than” can somehow become “more than” once your perspective and/or needs change?  And yet, they do…

Enjoy these last few dog days of summer!  Here are the Monday links:

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