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monday mondays 10.10.16


Lately, I’ve been letting my creative juices flow in other areas besides my blog. I’ve made a few small decorating changes to my home, although, they weren’t quick by any measure, worked on a painting of my dogs, done a little sewing here and there, and spent some long overdue time organizing our Europe pictures into books, some slide shows, and even a few fun little things.  I’ve got about 4 blog posts mostly finished, but it seems like when I show up here, I tend to start and end with these Monday posts. Probably because I spend way too much time on the internet looking at things I really shouldn’t be spending time looking at.

Does that ever happen to you?

I mean, someone tells me that they used to annually visit “Eugene,” a homeless, mummified body that was kept on display in a small Ohio in the hope that someone would recognize and identify him, and next thing I know, I’m researching it for an untold and unnecessary period of time.  But that’s just one (rather odd) example.  Because I waste more time looking at things I don’t need to look at on the W.W.W. and probably need to spend more time cleaning my baseboards or something more productive.

There’s always a silver lining to everything though, so in this instance I choose to think that:

  1.  One of these days I’ll use my vast and bizarre knowledge on Jeopardy
  2.  I’ll actually have some random factoid I can amaze my children with, because while I’m not exactly stupid, my children think I am
  3.  I might get all 6 pieces of the pie collected a little sooner next time I play Trivial Pursuit

One of those is definitely going to happen, just when, and which… who knows?

All that to say, I’ve rounded up a few interesting – and maybe not so interesting – tidbits for you to read this Monday.  Have at it and maybe you’ll be able to impress someone you know with a bit of knowledge this week!

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