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Monday Mondays 1.23.17

Monday Mondays 1.23.17


My gosh. Not a democracy, but a republic (that’s a pet peeve of mine) can be a very very messy thing, even if the passing of power is peaceful. Regardless of who you voted for, my wish is that we would start focusing more on what we agree on instead of what we don’t!

We can all agree that we want what’s best for our families, for our children.  We want a safer America and a safer world.  We want to be able to live our lives without preventing someone from living theirs.  And from them calling the shots on ours.  We want to be able to spend our money in the way we see fit, and we want to be able to speak our minds without being shamed for it.

Whether we’re Left or Right, I think – I hope! – we can agree on these things!   That’s my prayer for our nation anyway.  So click through these links – or not! – because it’s your choice.  That’s what we do in America! 😉

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