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monday mondays 3.20.17

It’s been a fun couple of weeks around here with a new puppy, although, my hands look like they’ve been mutilated by a miniature vampire, all those puppy bites! The puppy, who might have a name soon, after almost 20 days without a name (other than Puppy) is causing the grumpy old dog to exercise more.  And eat less.  It’s almost more challenging bringing a puppy home to an older dog than having one child then adding another; the old dog is MUCH more jealous and put out, I think.

Still… cuteness and laughter are never overrated, and puppies are cuteness and laughter almost 24/7…

I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately,  having done some maintenance on it. During that time, I’ve decided to switch how it’s hosted, so I may be down for a bit longer while I rework some of the site.

Alas, all I had time to put together recently are the Monday things I collected over the past week or so.

I’ll see you soon though…

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