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Trouble with the Curve

Yeah, that’s the name of baseball movie, but I like baseball movies.  And baseball too, in fact.  Although, watching baseball on TV doesn’t come close to watching it in person.

Anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve changed a few things on this site.  Although my style in, well…, anything, would probably be considered classic (all hail Audrey Hepburn, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and their kind), I don’t like the way things look to stay the same for too long.  I don’t like running the same course day after day, I don’t like cooking the same things every week; I just like a little change now and then.

So I decided to switch this space up a little, make it fresher, a little cleaner too.  (I like clean.)

And that’s where I ran into trouble with the curve.

In the movie, it literally means that a standout potential draftee might not be such a standout, because he has trouble hitting curve balls.

I’ve always associated trouble with the curve to being on the wrong side of the bell curve, on the losing side of the grade curve, however.  I didn’t like being on the lower-than-average side of the bell curve, but then, does anyone?  I doubt it.

There’s also the expression “learning curve,” which Merriam-Webster defines as:


1 :  a curve plotting performance against practice; especially :  one graphing decline in unit costs with cumulative output

2 :  the course of progress made in learning something

Which is what I found myself in the middle of when I tried to change it up a little.  A learning curve.  A very steep learning curve.

I like learning.  A lot.  I want to learn something new every single day of my life.  But some things are just harder to learn than others.

Changing this blog up, for one.  I’m having issues with transferring all the content to the new theme.  So, I apologize if you read a blog post about pizza, but the corresponding pictures are of waterfalls.  Or vice versa.  Anyway, I’m currently experiencing some trouble with the (learning) curve, so bear with me please.



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