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Monday Mondays 4.24.17

A year ago, I was here:  at Paul, in Paris.  One of few chain restaurants in France, the food is consistent, with luscious macarons, baguettes, and brioches.  (The best were the kalamate olive baguettes!) It was close to our hotel, and still retains that “French boulangerie” feel; it doesn’t seem McDonald-ized by any stretch of the imagination.  Why do I tell you this?  Because this week I attempted to make my own macarons.

There is an art to these things, people, there really is.  Well, they turned out quite pretty, very colorful and tasty, but did they look like the ones I we ate in France?  No.  Not even.

Epic FAIL.  Not really, but being an expert at something is harder than it looks.  I mean, I can decorate my little patootie off in my own home, but does that make me Joanna Gaines?  No.  I can make roasted chicken, but do I turn into Ina Garten when I do?  No, again.

But it’s never a  waste to try to get better at something.  So I’ll keep plugging away at them when the mood strikes, and one of these days, I’ll share some pictures with you.  Until then, here are your Monday links.  Go out and make it a great week!


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