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Monday Mondays

Monday Mondays 5.18.15

I think I have about four Monday Mondays that I had started, but never had the time to post.  And it didn’t seem right to post them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays instead.  Oddly, I actually have more posts in the pipeline than I’ve ever had before too, […]

Monday Mondays 4.20.15

Don’t you just love Spring?  The colors are so vibrant it just makes me happy all over!  For some reason, I keep hearing that song we used to sing in kindergarten – “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…”  Odd, I know, […]

Monday Mondays 4.13.15

  This week we’re getting bees.  My in-laws have had several beehives for the last few years, and the more I’ve learned about them, the more fascinating they seem.  I still can’t quite believe that this girl, who was raised in suburban Florida, plants and […]

Monday Mondays 4.6.15

As much as I love Christmas, I almost think Easter is a more enjoyable holiday.  Christmas is wonderful, but there’s just so much to do that really has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the holiday itself.  Easter on the other hand, well, fill […]

Monday Mondays 3.30.15

Don’t you love that when Spring arrives, things that seem like CHORES the rest of the year are actually enjoyable?  For instance, this week I got outside and washed weeks’ worth of of grime off my car, AND I weeded.  Ask me in the middle […]

Monday Mondays 3.16.15

Top o’the mornin’ to ya!  Do YOU have any Irish in you?  I do – my mother’s maiden name is Kelly.  Pretty darn Irish if you ask me!  11%, or roughly 35 million Americans can claim Irish heritage,  which is about 7 times more than […]

Monday Mondays 3.2.15

    Forget Mondays being notorious for their BLAH-ness, with winter hanging on for dear life, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and even Fridays have felt a lot like Mondays lately.  Yes, I know Northerners make fun of us Southerners not being able to handle a single snowflake, but honestly, […]

Monday Mondays 2.2.15

Maybe it’s just the weather, but I want out of here!  Sunny, warm, breezy, blue.  Those are words that just resonate with me lately.  That, and we’ve got plans to do some traveling this year, and well, the planning has made me ready.  I love […]

Monday Mondays 1.26.15

I heard someone mention the other day that all babies born these days have their entire lives chronicled digitally.  No more – or very few – hard copies of photographs are made anymore, rather, there are Tweets, Facebook statuses, Vine videos, and over thousands of […]

Monday Mondays 1.19.15

Do you ever feel like your brain is disappearing?   And yes, TW, I’m sure you’ve definitely felt that! 😉   I got up extra early and spent most of the morning getting a package ready to send to my son overseas for his birthday.  Even […]