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Books that Changed my Life, Pt. 2

Several weeks ago, I asked you what books have changed your life.  I listed a few of my favorites, but like Lay’s potato chip commercial betting that you “can’t eat just one,” I can’t pick just one book – or even three or five – that are […]

Books that Changed my Life, Pt. 1

The other day, I asked you to let me know what books that mattered to you and why. In the next couple of posts, I’m sharing what books rocked my world, so to speak. Some of these books had a message that resonated with me; others meant […]

What Books Matter to YOU?

Once upon a time, I was a little girl who, more often than not, spent hours on end living vicariously and aimlessly wandering through the pages of books.  Sure, I played outside.  A LOT, actually.  But coming inside was not really ever a problem because […]

Monday Morsels 7.30.14

Monday Morsels 7.30.14

This weekend was sort of a lazy weekend.  Instead of spending my time outside in the hot sun, I started to take apart our homeschool schoolroom.  More on that later.  But it meant that I took the first of many boxes of books to a […]

Monday Morsels 7.7.14

Monday Morsels 7.7.14

With an extra long Fourth of July weekend, (Happy Birthday America!) the grass mown and most of the week’s to-do list crossed off, I had a little more time than usual to read.  I should have been reading the foot high pile of magazines that […]