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Grace is Hard, And Yet…

Lately, I’ve been having some conversations with friends and family about, well… friends and family.  If you’ve read my previous posts about my prodigal, you’ll understand that he weighs heavy on my heart. Despite giving the situation to God, it feels as if someone’s left […]

There’s only One way to become a New Creation

I normally shy away from bringing up issues that have the potential to cause dissent.  Things that might be deemed politically correct, or “too” religious, or accepted by the wider culture we live in.  Except, the other day I was out running errands, and while waiting […]


Several years ago when we took a 6 week camping trip out West for homeschool purposes (well, yeah, it was also a vacation…) we stopped at a campground – in the dark – on our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. When […]

Why it’s good to be open to NOT giving things up for Lent

I grew up in a non-denominational church, so I don’t think there was ever much of an emphasis on Lent in any of the churches I attended.  I had plenty of Catholic and Episcopalian friends growing up though, so I never not knew what Lent […]

Monday Mondays on Tuesday 2.24.15

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything.  You’d think that because of all the crazy winter weather we’ve experienced lately, preventing us from getting out of the house, I’d have more time to write.  WRONG!  Instead, we’ve been dealing with sickness, burst pipes […]

Monday Mondays 1.19.15

Do you ever feel like your brain is disappearing?   And yes, TW, I’m sure you’ve definitely felt that! 😉   I got up extra early and spent most of the morning getting a package ready to send to my son overseas for his birthday.  Even […]

Monday Morsels 11.10.14

  It kind of got cold and winter-like all of a sudden, didn’t it? We even had some snow flurries in the past couple of days. Being a lover of warmer weather, this Polar Vortex thing has become a term I don’t like the weather […]

A Tumormonger

A Tumormonger

Life, as the saying goes, usually happens while you’re busy living it. Meaning that often, challenges arise when you least expect them.  For instance, you can probably tell in the picture above that all is not quite as it should be. This is a picture of […]

…but I have prayed for you, my Prodigal Son

…but I have prayed for you, my Prodigal Son

Sometimes… it’s just horrible being a parent. Not because your children are awful.  Although, admit it, sometimes they are. And not because you don’t love them.  Because you do, more than you love yourself. Or especially because you feel like you’re not a good parent.  Again… don’t […]

Flying into Glass Doors

Flying into Glass Doors

I have French doors in my kitchen, the kind without the mullions.  I also have a birdfeeder hanging from the porch roof right outside those doors, and in winter, it’s a hub of activity.  While everything else is gray, quiet, and lifeless, the birds remain […]